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Staffing Guideline

For the guests sitting down and having dinner, you will require a minimum of one server per 8-12 seat tables. To serve wine, water or juices to your guests, additional wait staff may be required. For over four catering staffers, a captain is needed.
Formal Sit-down Dinner Guideline
Cocktail Style Event Guideline
If you plan to have a buffet style event, please keep in mind, that each buffet station requires a minimum of two servers for the first thirty (30) guests to set up, refill and break down of stations. For hosting a large gathering, runners (servers) will also be necessary to ensure that food and dishes at the buffet stations are properly stocked. Two additional runners are required for every 160 guests.




A Minimum Of One Bartender Is Required For Every 50 To 70 Guests. Additional Bartenders May Be Needed For Following Reasons: - To Serve Mixed, Blended Or Special Drinks - For High Volume Of Guests In A Short Period Of Time. To Keep The Bar Stocked, More Servers/Barbacks Also May Be Needed.
Bartender Staffing Guideline